Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Therapy – in person or online

1. How I can help you

I offer one off, short and medium term counseling or therapy in person, online or via email for adults (aged 18+, not couples).
I specialize in support for loss, grief, life transitions (crisis of purpose, mid-life, career change etc), personal development, counseling for cancer  (for which I have been treated myself) and other life-changing illnesses. I also offer therapy in German.

2. Therapy is about …

… telling your story to someone who is independent and listens without judgment, in a calm and confidential setting. It can lighten our burden, help us understand our life and get it back on track with a renewed sense of energy, direction, and motivation.
I am passionate about the healing and life-changing power of counseling and therapy, which I have experienced first-hand and in my work with my clients.
The over-arching aim of my work is to help people make peace with what has happened, with themselves and develop a refreshed sense of purpose, hope, determination and motivation.
Whoever you are, whatever has happened, making peace is possible.

3. For therapy to work …

… you need to find the right therapist for you. You have to feel comfortable with chemistry and need to know what to expect.

1. About me and what I do

I am Karin Sieger a BACP accredited and registered counselor and psychotherapist based in Richmond, West London, UK. I hold an MA in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, trained and previously worked in the NHS. I was born in Germany and have been living, studying and working in the UK since the mid-80s. Prior to retraining as a therapist, I spent some 25 years in consumer and media research (including BBC World Service, De Beers, and AOL). You can find more information about me here.

4. Contacting me: What to expect and how does it work?

4.1. Appointments

In Richmond, I offer weekday daytime appointments on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Online and email support appointments can be more flexible. I also operate a waiting list, in case appointment times you are interested in are currently not available.

4.2. The first session

The first meeting gives you an opportunity to tell me, why you are considering therapy at this stage in your life, and to ask me any relevant questions. Based on that we can work out whether I am the right support and whether you would like to work with me.

4.3. Fee & Payment

My fees are as follows:
In person: £75 (50 mins)
Online: £90 (60 mins), £135 (90 mins)
One off consultations in person or online: £195 (120 mins + 30 mins follow up call)
Email support: One off: £90, Weekly: £80

4.4. How many sessions?

The length of our work would depend on your goal for therapy. This would be discussed at our first meeting and reviewed as appropriate. Please note that I no longer offer long-term therapeutic support, which may last several years. I now offer short and medium term work ranging from 5 sessions to 6 months. I would let you know, should I think that longer-term support elsewhere may be more appropriate for your needs.

4.5. The session frequency

For regular work, sessions would be weekly, on the same day and at the same time. Because a lack of regularity and continuity undermines the effectiveness of therapy. I am aware that due to other commitments, that may not always be possible and always try to be flexible with alternative slots. I only offer less frequent (eg fornightly) slots to clients who are preparing to end therapy. For clients who undergo cancer or other medical treatment separate arrangements will be agreed as appropriate.

4.6. Cancellations

For therapy cancellations with at least 48 hours notice (2 working days) no fee applies. I offer such cancellations 4 times in a 12 month period. After that a fee of £15 per missed session to cover the room rental will apply. For all cancellations with less than 48 hours (2 working days) notice the full fee applies. However, within reason, I would always aim to offer you a suitable replacement slot, if available.
For clients undergoing cancer or other medical treatment we would agree a suitable arrangement for cancellations due to feeling unwell.

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